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“Lexus Grand Lottery - Rules & Regulations.”

By purchasing or selling a property with “GoWest Realty Ltd.” a client earns the right to take part in the upcoming lottery for the Lexus IS200t or its equivalent. The right to participate in the Lexus IS200t draw does not apply to Leases, Mere Listings and/or sales of businesses unless the sale of the business includes the sale of real estate property. The clients acknowledge that they have fully read, completely understood and agreed to be bound by the “Lexus Grand Lottery Rules & Regulations”, as set out by “GoWest Realty Ltd.”, at its sole discretion.

Salesperson and/or employees working as independent contractors and/or as a payroll staff with “GoWest Realty Ltd.” are excluded from participating in the draw. Also all of their close family members (including husband, wife, common law partners, children, parents, grandparents, siblings, parents in law, siblings in law, nephews and nieces) cannot be a part of the draw. Consequently, if the client or his close family member registers as a salesperson or broker with GoWest Realty Ltd., or becomes its payroll employee, the client is automatically excluded from the Lexus Lottery, to which he/she would be otherwise eligible.

Lottery tickets will only be issued in the name of the “GoWest Realty Ltd.” client(s) who completed a sale or purchase which was successfully closed in the registry office. Only one ticket per transaction is issued and each transaction (sale or purchase) done with “GoWest Realty Ltd.” by client(s), gives him/her/them the right for a separate ticket. A transaction needs to be successfully completed on the last day of the month prior to the month the draw is taking place, so the ticket would be issued. Otherwise, the deal will be considered as a part of the next draw. Each ticket issued is valid for one draw only. For estates transactions, the ticket is issued in a name of the estate. For transactions done in trust for a client or under power of attorney, the ticket is issued in a name of the rightful seller or purchaser. For a transaction were a corporation is a client of “GoWest Realty Ltd.”, the ticket is issued in the name of the corporation.

The lottery finale takes place during The Client Appreciation Party, once every 24 months (cycle). The exact date, time and place of the event are to be announced on the “GoWest Realty Ltd.” webpage ( All clients eligible to take part in the draw are informed about the time and place of venue by mail at least two weeks earlier. It is the clients’ responsibility to update “GoWest Realty Ltd.” with their current mailing address in order to receive the invitation. The inappropriate address of client or its’ lack may affect in losing the chance to participate in the lottery finale and to win a prize. “GoWest Realty Ltd.” does not take any responsibility for lack of clients’ proper address.

Tickets are given to the clients participating in the transaction at the entrance to the Client Appreciation Party. Photo I.D. is mandatory at the time of allocation of the ticket and winning the prize. Each ticket holder (client) is required to place his/her lottery ticket personally in to the drum. The actual, physical presence of at least one of the ticket holders (client) during the draw is mandatory to win the prize (no substitutions allowed, P.O.A., etc.). However, if the client (buyer or seller) has been represented under Power of Attorney at the time of transaction (purchase or sale), the lawful attorney can represent the client for the purpose of the Draw. If the ticket holder(s) (client(s)) whose ticket has been drawn does not appear and be present at the draw after the name and the ticket number is announced 3 times in a row, the client(s) will not be eligible to win the prize and the draw will be repeated.

The prize of the draw is a Lexus IS200t (base model – no added accessories or options). The Vehicle displayed at The Client Appreciation Party may not be the same as the prize to be won. Upgrades are optional at the winning client(s) own cost and are subject to availability. The taxes, levies, freight, fees and delivery charges are not included. The winning cleint(s) is/are responsible to license and insure the vehicle from the time of possession. “GoWest Realty Ltd.” covers the market cost of the prize, at a chosen by it Lexus Dealership. “GoWest Realty Ltd.” reserves the right to change the model of the car being drawn at any point of time, to a comparable one, in the eventuality that the manufacturer ceases to produce the current model of the car or it is unavailable from the dealer.

“GoWest Realty Ltd.” will assist any winning client(s) to upgrade his/her/their prize at the cleint(s) own expense without any liability on the part of “GoWest Realty Ltd.” provided that the Lexus dealership is in a position to do so. “GoWest Realty Ltd.” assumes no responsibility for the performance or reliability of the Lexus Vehicle. Any issues regarding the automobile must be directed to the dealership. The prize must be claimed within 2 weeks after the draw date. Delivery of the Vehicle is subject to the dealership availability. The winner of the car may select a cash option equal to 75% of Manufactures Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) in Canadian Dollars less any incentives (see The winning contestants must provide a copy of their Social Insurance Number (SIN) at the time of claiming the prize and sign a release.

The winning client(s) and all the clients of “GoWest Realty Ltd.”, who are taking part in the Client Appreciation Party, consent and agree for “GoWest Realty Ltd.” to collect and possess their personal information and to permit to the use of their names and photographs for advertising purposes by “GoWest Realty Ltd.”, with no fees to be paid for this usage. Moreover, the winning client(s) agree to cooperate and assist “GoWest Realty Ltd.” in the promotion of its business.

“GoWest Realty Ltd.” reserves the right to make any further changes to the “Lexus Grand Lottery – Rules & Regulations” as it deems necessary at its sole and absolute discretion, as may be needed from time to time for the preservation of good order and integrity of the draw. Such changes shall be deemed to be incorporated into this “Lexus Grand Lottery – Rules & Regulations”. Any changes made, will be displayed on the “GoWest Realty Ltd.” website ( and the clients are deemed to have read those changes.